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Despite the SMC Board of Supervisors voting 4-1 in support of the pilot in November, the Planning Commission voted 3-1 against granting the Coastal Development Permit (CDP) needed for the program go-ahead, leaving many off-leash dog supporters disappointed. The Commission ignored 5 years of fact finding and analysis and the overwhelming public support for the off-leash pilot, and was swayed by misinformation and fear-mongering from several anti-dog environmental groups. 

What's Next?

Our organization will partner closely with other local dog groups like Coastside Dog and SF Dog to reflect on this recent setback, but we’ll continue to work towards a solution that secures more off-leash access to SMC county parks in the near future. As always, our goal is to get more tails on trails!

We need your help to continue to grow both in size and political influence. Ask your friends and family to sign up to stay up-to-date on new developments! 

Thank you! 


On Wednesday, February 9th @ 9am, the San Mateo County Planning Department will decide whether to grant a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) so the County can proceed with the Off-leash Dog Recreation Pilot Program at Pillar Point Bluffs and Quarry Park. The Board of Supervisors approved the Pilot Program 4-1 last November to establish off-leash trails for Pillar Point Bluff and Quarry Park thanks to your public comments and emails. There are two steps to complete when the County makes changes to a park near the coastside that could have environmental impact: 1) the County must complete an environmental review, and 2) the County must request a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) from the Planning Commission. With the environmental review already completed, the Planning Commission now needs to grant a CDP. Let the Commission know that dog owners strongly support County off-leash trails. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

 ATTEND the Planning Commissions VIRTUAL meeting on Wednesday, February 9th @ 9am AND make a Public Comment stating your support of off-leash dog trails at both Pillar Point Bluff and Quarry Park and your support that they issue a Coastal Development Permit. Here is the 2/9 Planning Commission agenda with instructions on how to join the virtual meeting. There will be some vocal anti-off-leash folks who have already sent in 100+ emails opposing the project. It is critical that off-leash supporters attend and voice their support.

 EMAIL the Planning Commissioners that you support both off-leash parks and the issuance of a CDP. Send your email to and BCC us at

Here is an email template you can use, and here are some talking points you can include in your email or refer to for public comments. 


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