Advocating for improved trail access for dogs on the Peninsula


Peninsula Dog PAC is a nonpartisan group of concerned dog enthusiasts who advocate for increased dog access to parks, trails, and open spaces on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula. We seek to inform and influence politicians and the political process, affecting fair access for responsible dog owners and their families.

San Mateo County has some of the best public parks in the San Francisco Bay Area, but only 8% of those trails allow people to walk their dogs on-leash. Even fewer areas permit off-leash access for dogs. We want to influence local policies and elect supportive politicians so dog owners can enjoy our public parks with their dogs.

But we cannot achieve our goals alone. Sign up for our mailing list or get involved by volunteering.


We fight to preserve access to existing dog-friendly city and county parks and open spaces.

We lobby to expand on and off-leash dog access, as 40% of households have dogs but on the Peninsula we have less than 8% trail access for dogs.

We work at the city and county level to educate voters about their candidate’s position on dog access issues.

We educate our communities about proper dog and owner etiquette to improve responsible ownership. In so doing, we strengthen the perception of dogs and dog owners in our neighborhoods.

We patronize and celebrate local dog-friendly businesses. Are you a dog-friendly business that would like to be featured on our site? Let us know.

We coordinate and collaborate with other Bay Area dog advocacy groups to improve our efficacy and reach.

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