Peninsula DOG + Coastside DOG Meet and Greet w/ Recreation Director

The Peninsula DOG and Coastside DOG sponsored and organized a meet and greet with San Mateo County Park & Recreation Director Nicholas Calderon at Pillar Point Bluff in Half Moon Bay/Moss Beach.

We had a great turnout of both dog owners and dogs. We got a chance to hang out, talk and walk with Director Calderon, San Mateo County Park & Recreation Commissioner Neil Merrilees, and a couple of park rangers as we picked up whatever other dogs’ poops we found along the way.  Peninsula DOG and Coastside DOG members showed the Park & Recreation leaders that we will keep clean our off-leash dog trails and have well-trained dogs.  We plan to work with the Director and rangers to make the off-leash trail pilot program a success that leads to more off-leash trails, and that will include occasional fun walk and clean-up events at Quarry Park and Pillar Point Bluff