Vote Dog

One of the best ways to support our mission – increased dog access on the Peninsula – is to support and elect dog-friendly candidates. City councils, county supervisors, and other Peninsula representatives determine where dogs are allowed on and off-leash.

Peninsula DOG PAC, the political arm of our organization, will support pro-dog access candidates and inform the public about where candidates stand in relation to dog access issues so you can make an informed decision on who deserves your support.

Power comes from your vote. Power also comes from numbers. Please ask your network to support us and join our fight to get more tails on trails.

2022 Election Outcome

Below you will find information on dog-friendly candidates who won their respective election races in 2022*. 

We also asked each candidate a specific set of questions to get their take on dog access. You can find out what they said by clicking the “View Survey” link next to their names.

Election Winners

Board of Supervisors (San Mateo County)


CA State Assembly

Harbor District (San Mateo County)

City Council Members

*If you want more information on specific candidates not listed here, or have other election related question for us, please reach out at