We’ve compiled a partial list of dog friendly trails on the Peninsula.

We will continue to update this page as our efforts succeed.

Off-Leash Trails

  • Fort Funston, (just off Highway 35 (Skyline Boulevard) with the main parking lot just south of John Muir Boulevard)
  • Pillar Point Bluffs (Moss Beach near Mavericks above the Half Moon Bay Harbor and Pillar Point, pending pilot program)
  • Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve (open Space Preserve located near Edgewood Road east of highway 280. Mainly on leash with a 17.5-acre off-leash area located in the center)
  • Quarry Park (El Granada, pending pilot program)
  • Stulsaft Park (city park in Redwood City with on-and off-leash trails of about a mile). 

On Leash Trails

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